Update on Dr. Majid Jahangiri’s Scholarship Fund

In 2014, while our beloved Dr. Majid Jahangiri was still with us, his friends and IACS members decided to establish a scholarship fund in his name to honor him and also to show their appreciation for all he had selflessly done for Iranian communities in America, specifically the Iranian community in Maryland.

Due to your very generous support, we have collected about 17,000 dollars, and we are still accepting donations.

While Dr. Jahangiri was still alive, he had mentioned several times that he would prefer this award go to Persian schools that are supported by IACS and to the distinguished students of those two schools. He believed that these young children will be the future of our community and that we need to support them, encourage them, and praise them for learning Persian culture.

To materialize this idea, we needed an attorney to help us with the legal aspects. We wanted to add this item (JSF) to our by-laws, in order, to prevent any changes in them with the changing of IACS Board of Directors. So, we looked around and, luckily, found Mr. Afshin (Adam) Habibi, an attorney who just happens to be a former student of the Columbia Persian School. He graciously accepted to help us free of charge and later offered his help and expertise not just for legal matters but for the entire process.  Mr. Afshin Habibi’s significant leadership role in the JSF is a testament to Majid’s insight and valid suggestion.

You will find the addendum to the by-laws here as well.

We are delighted to announce that the first distribution of the award will be taken place at the end of this academic year, June 6th of 2015.


Section 13 (b)(iii) to read as follows:

(iii) The Jahangiri Scholarship Fund


· Through a series of donations raised in honor of the late IACS member, Dr. Majid Jahangiri, IACS created the Jahangiri Scholarship Fund (hereinafter referred to as “JSF”).

· The primary objective of JSF is to promote the educational advancement of Iranian-American children which is parallel with the Education Committee’s purpose.

· The JSF shall be invested with a licensed Financial Institution in the State of Maryland.

· The annual interest earned on the investment will be paid as cash reward prize to Iranian American children currently enrolled at either Persian Schools of Towson or Columbia in Maryland.

· Funds distributed yearly shall not exceed the amount of interest earned on the principal investment in any given year of the JSF.

· The initial investment will not be withdrawn from the Financial Institution unless done so by written approval of Three Fourth (3/4) vote of the current Education Committee members of IACS.


The Education Committee shall

· Oversee the continuous educational endeavors of IACS to increase knowledge of Persian language and literature.

· Thereby, the Education Committee will be solely in charge of managing the JSF effort.

· The Education Committee comprises of three (3) members:  1) the current president of IACS,  2) the past president of IACS,  3) Adam Habibi, Esq.


To qualify for the annual cash reward prize, students must

· maintain excellence in academic scores at the enrolled Persian Schools of IACS.

· Other factors considered in student qualification will be

· student’s commitment to course material,

· character and conduct of student,

· extracurricular activities outside of Persian School,

· attentiveness in class, and

· student attendance.

· The qualification criteria shall remain objective and nondiscriminatory.

· Per annum, the Education Committee shall appoint one designated member of its committee to be the sole arbitrator of whether students qualify for the prize.

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