Jahangiri Scholarship Awards

Dear friends and Jahangiri Fund donors,

It was the year 2014 and Dr. Majid Jahangiri’s battle with cancer was coming to the end when his friends and families with the support of the Iranian American Cultural Society of Maryland (IACS) had a fundraising event in his honor in order to establish a scholarship fund under his name. In that event and gradually after that IACS collected about 20 K. Dr. Zarkoob, the president of the society, invested the money in a financial institution. The goal was to distribute the interest of that investment as an award or scholarship to students who do some extra activity in the realm of Persian studies outside of Iran; the idea that Majid always vehemently suggested and promoted.

The board of Jahangiri’s Fund had many discussions within themselves and with the IACS’s directors of the two Persian schools that are under the umbrella of IACS.  The board offered them the scholarship. But due to some agreeable reasons it was not accepted by either of them. So, the board decided to examine some other venues.

After given it sometime and thought, Dr. Mahvash Shahegh, one of the trustee members who was adamant in starting the process as soon as possible, discussed this with a few colleges and universities. Finally, IACS could cut a deal with George Washington University in Washington, D.C. through Dr. Pardis Minuchehr who is the director of Persian Studies there and a close colleague of Dr. Shahegh.

Finally, on Tuesday , April 23, there was an award ceremony at GW university, Philip Hall, room 209 from 4 to 5 PM, when for the first time the Jahangiri award was bestowed upon 3 students in Persian studies whose qualifications and progress were confirmed by Dr. Minuchehr and her other colleagues in the Persian  department of that university.

All the board members of IACS and Dr. Jahangiri’s family and friends were invited but just Dr. Mahvash Shahegh on behalf of IACS and two of Dr. Jahangiri’s friends; Mr. Saeed Sahebjam and Dr. Mahnaz Safavi could attend.  (There are some pictures of the event that included in this email) The award and monetary value of it was appreciated to a great degree both by the university and the students as well.

Here are the selected students who were the first recipients of Dr. Jahangiri award:

1) First year: Jack Skopolowski, is a freshman who started learning Persian this academic year.  He had a background in Latin, and did phenomenally in Persian.  He is now awarded a summer scholarship to continue studying Persian in Tajikistan.

2) Second year: Emily Salwen is a sophomore (with junior standing), who has given her all in studying Persian.  She has also just received a summer scholarship to continue studying Persian this summer.

3) Third year: Pasha Abrishamchian is a freshman, who had studied Persian in Iran as a student.  But he was exceptional in coming to every single class session, and help out with tutoring our students during class time.  He also helped the entire year with the cataloging of our newly acquired Persian collection.

The trustees of the Jahangiri Scholarship Fund are hoping to continue their cooperation with George Washington University and by the next year be able to give award to more students and with higher monetary value. Thanks for all your donations for this wonderful cause.

More from Jahangiri Scholarship Award event at George Washington University is here.


Mahvash Shahegh explains the Jahangiri Fund to the recipients

Pasha Abrishamchian one of the recipients

Jack Skopolowski another recipient

Emily Salwen another recipient





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