Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Donor Match

Dear friends and fellow Iranians,

One of the active members of Iranian-American community, a very dear friend of mine,  (who wishes to remain anonymous) needs your help in finding a bone marrow/stem cell donor match.

Today’s medical technology allows the testing of potential matches as well as the actual donation process with little disruption to the life of the donor(s). Testing is as simple as a cheek swab. The actual donation process is as simple as giving blood. You can become a registered donor with “Be The Match” Registry by visiting https://bethematch.orgwhich will test and determine if you are a compatible match. We also need your help in reaching as many people as possible to ask them to be tested. In registering, you have the potential to help extend this person's life as well as the life of others around the world.  Be The Match Registry is in great need of registered donors of all ethnicity especially those of Iranian/minority descent.

Transplant centers face a greater challenge finding a match for Iranian patients because they have very diverse tissue types. These tissue types are inherited, so the best chance of finding a suitable donor may be with someone of a similar racial or ethnic background.

Important points to remember and convey about how easy it may be to save this life and the life of others in need of a stem cell transplant.

1- As stated above, all that is needed is an inside cheek swab to determine if you are a match.

2- Because of the progress of medicine and technology, donating stem cells simply requires a blood donation. There is no longer a need for a surgical procedure to extract bone marrow.

3- Potential donors (individuals between 18 and 44 years of age, which are preferred) can either attend a local drive by finding one at ( or go online ( have a kit sent to their home at no cost, swab their own cheek and send it back  for processing.

4-if you are between the ages of 45 and 60 and want to join the bone marrow registry, you must do so online (

5-No one older than 60 years is accepted by “Be The Match”.

Please also forward this email to your friends, colleagues, organization, affiliations, etc., and ask them to register and be tested. Every person matters. Even if you don’t match with this patient, you may match another and help save a life.

Much obliged,

Saeed Ghahramani


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