Professor Reza Sarhangi’s Scholarship Award

Dear Friends,

As we all know, Professor Reza Sarhangi made a great contribution to the study of Persian art and architecture and our goal is to commemorate him for his achievements by supporting one or two qualified students on annual basis. Towson University will set up an annual “Reza Sarhangi Scholarship”, which will be permanent, meaning that “Towson University Foundation” will generate money out of our contributions on an annual basis to fund the Scholarship. This is a beautiful commemoration to keep Reza’s vision and mission alive for generations to come.

In order to secure the Scholarship, we need to reach $25000 or above. Any amount less than that won’t qualify for a permanent scholarship. So, it is all or none situation.

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We welcome any amount of contribution, of course. But given the above-mentioned limitation, we really, and humbly, urge you to contribute as much as it is affordable for you. We understand you don’t need the following, but we are working with the Towson University to find the best way to recognize contributors’ names in an elegant Bronze Memorial Leaf to be permanently installed in Towson University. There will be four tiers for contributors:  $0-$500;$500-$1000; $1000-$2500; $5000+

We are working on designing a beautiful Bronze Leaf Frame that not only will feature Reza Sarhangi, your names, but also Iran, something which was very dear to Reza’s heart.

Please note that all your contributions will be tax deductible. We will ask the university to provide a receipt so that you keep it in your accounts.

Each one of us who have known Reza can confess what a beautiful soul he was. How kind, friendly, and compassionate he was. He brought our community of Iranians together here in Baltimore area and beyond with enthusiasm and hope. We get together and enjoy Iranian poetry and celebrate our culture, and Reza was a guardian to our routine ritual.
On behalf of Reza's wife, daughters, family and friends, we would like to thank you so much again for your generosity and support for this initiative.
Reza will be greatly missed, but we surely can keep his memory and vision alive.

Best Regards,


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