Creative school for bilingual children

Announcing a creative school of language and arts for Iranian American children, through music, storytelling, visual arts, theater, poetry, and dance.

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Short Summary

Hello, My name is Aitak Ajangzad and I’m founding a creative school for Iranian American children in NY and DC, including a special early childhood program, with the goal of creating an educational environment, concentrating on teaching language through music, storytelling, visual arts, theater, poetry, and dance. The school will also offer special multicultural music classes for children of all backgrounds.

I have earned a doctorate degree in education from Columbia University and my professional background is strongly focused on music and arts education. My extensive experience in education and program development include collaborations with NY philharmonic’s very young children’s concerts, instrument courses at Teachers college, Columbia University’s head start program, Rita Gold center, Asia society and various private and public schools in NY.

In this project, we propose a new pedagogical approach in teaching language to bilingual/multilingual children, starting from an early age. Today, a large number of Iranians are scattered across the globe; yet, the cultural and lingual education of their children has been mostly neglected, and not many innovative approaches have been developed. By offering an artistic and cultural education for children, we will provide a warm and loving environment for families to gather, make music, engage in cultural activities and create a community that the children could call their own. The hope is to lay a healthy ground for the growth of these children and fulfill every Iranian parent’s wish to see their children communicate and relate with their parental culture, while identifying themselves as part of a global community.

What we need

In order to proceed with this project I need your help to

  • Get space,
  • purchase art and classroom supplies,
  • Recruit teachers,
  • Apply for nonprofit organization status,
  • And develop more educational materials.

All these cannot be possible without your generous contributions. To thank you for your generosity, we will offer free class, educational material and original children’s music.

We are also proud to have fiscal sponsorship of “World Women Global Council,” therefore all your contributions will be fully tax deductible. “World Women Global Council” is a nonprofit organization active in promoting diversity and inclusion, making significant contributions in empowering youth, promoting leadership skills and acting as catalyst to change. Their diversity initiatives include education, health, environmental sustainability, micro-finance and media advocacy. To gain more information of their amazing cause, check out their website at:

Other ways you can help

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